Vega Family Chiropractic

Our office is also known as Rochester Chiropractic Clinic.

We have been serving the Rochester Community since 2004. Our goal is to lead our patients to a better health and to a lifestyle where they can enjoy their love ones, do what they love and live life to the fullest.

woman in gray knit sweater standing near green trees during daytime
woman in gray knit sweater standing near green trees during daytime
a woman getting a back massage from a massager
a woman getting a back massage from a massager
2 women and man standing on green grass field during daytime
2 women and man standing on green grass field during daytime
Pregnancy -Webster Pelvis Balance Care

When it comes to being pregnant, it is important to understand that the biomechanics of the mom's pelvis can affect the outcome of birth. If mom's pelvis is not properly aligned, baby's way to come out through the pelvis may become challenging. Therefore, as certified in Webster Technique chiropractors, we balance the joints, ligaments, muscles and release any tension on the nerves surrounding the spine and pelvis so that both, mom and baby have the best chances to have an optimal birth and outcome.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric care from infancy to later in childhood is one of our passions. Dr. Diaz is certified in Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractic Care. She is able to analyze through a thorough examination if your child has an interruption of the nervous system in her/his spine that could be affecting the ability or way of latching, digesting, sleeping, rolling over, crawling, walking or just simply not been the healthy happy child he/she is designed to be.

Wellness Care

In our office we also provide wellness care. If you don't have an active problem, we will do an examination to guide to improve your journey of health and well-being.

We offer nutritional advise, exercises and hormonal wellness support as well.

Health for every member of your family is our priority.

We would love to be part of your health team!

Family Care for your spine

Neck or back pain very often are caused by a dysfunction in the spine. Our state of the art, hospital grade, digital radiograph system, thermography, posture analysis and HRV allow us to be able to identify if your spine have any signs of misalignments (subluxations), degeneration or irritation. In addition we will also perform a thorough examination, so then determine if we are able to help you.

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, numbness, tingling, sensitivity or weakness around your spine or any extremity, please call us, we might be able to help you.

Jill Freese.

So welcoming! Explain everything clearly. Really care about your overall health. Communicate well and often. Encourage questions. Flexible scheduling.

Every office visit is a pleasure!

Vito Caricati

"Drs. Vega and Diaz, Thank you so much for taking care of our family. I can't believe how much your treatments have helped. If your facebook page had a love button I'd click it TWICE!! Best Wishes and God bless!!"

Happy clients


Patient, Rochester NY

I had an exceptional experience with Edwin Vega. From the moment I walked into their clinic, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff was friendly.

As for the chiropractic care itself, I couldn’t be happier. Edwin Vega took the time to thoroughly assess my issues and explain their approach to treatment. Their expertise was evident in the way they pinpointed the root causes of my discomfort.

Throughout the sessions, Edwin Vega was attentive and made sure I was comfortable at all times. The adjustments were precise, and I could feel the immediate relief and improved mobility in my back and neck.

What truly sets Dr. Edwin Vega and Dr. Diaz apart is their commitment to holistic health. They provided me with valuable advice on exercises and lifestyle changes to maintain my progress. This personalized approach to wellness was refreshing.

I highly recommend Edwin Vega to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for patients make them a top-notch choice for improving overall health and well-being. I’m grateful for the positive impact they’ve had on my life.

Mari Bumpus

I have been seen by Dr. Diaz-Vega and she’s excellent! She has knowledge of what she’s doing and lots of patience with my 3month old baby.

Amy Hernandez-Gamboa

We first came to see Dr Diaz when my son was 3 months old. We came to seek chiropractic care for him after a tongue-tie release. This was a pretty stressful time but from the first minute we entered the office, I felt supported and calm and peaceful.

The office is welcoming and Dr Diaz is amazing. She took her time to understand our needs and supported me as we worked through breastfeeding issues. I was so grateful for this little slice of peace at each appt. My son is now 2yo and we still bring him for ongoing care, and we have started to bring my daughter as well. I cannot recommend Dr Diaz highly enough!